Phenomenology and severity of symptoms in OCD patients after COVID 19

  • Usha Nandhini psychiatry
  • Ahalya Vedachalam
  • Kannan P.P
  • Vaishali S
Keywords: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, COVID 19



BACKGROUND: COVID 19 pandemic along with its robust containment measures to prevent the transmission of virus can have serious impact on the people with mental health disorders. Fear of getting infected and need for personal hygiene can increase the severity of symptoms in patients with OCD.

METHODOLOGY: We conducted a cross sectional follow up study in Chengalpattu Medical college and Hospital, Tamilnadu. Our sample included 30 patients with OCD who were assessed for symptom severity using YBOCS before the onset of COVID 19 during January and February 2020. YBOCS was readministered during the months of June and July 2020.

RESULTS: Majority of the study population (53%) had no changes in symptom severity after the onset of Covid 19 pandemic. 27% had a decrease in symptom severity while only 20% had increase in severity. Paired sample t test revealed there was no significant difference in the symptom severity.

CONCLUSION: Our study results indicate that there was no significant changes in OCD symptom severity after the onset of COVID 19 pandemic. This might be due to high resilience in this population group and proper treatment and guidance regarding COVID 19.